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2008 Eisner Award Nominee!
Best Humor Publication

Petey & Pussy!

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-1-56097-979-1
Available: November 2008
Additional Details: n/a
Price: $19.99
by John Kerschbaum
published by Fantagraphics

For those of you in the know, you've been very patient and we appreciate it. It's been a while but Petey & Pussy are back and this one is for you!

For those of you that are unfamiliar, Pussy is the finicky, pampered pet of a senile Old Lady. Petey is a happy-go-lucky stray living on the mean streets. Together they're the best of buddies, an irrascible duo hellbent on fun and frivolity! Won't you join them as they laugh and giggle their way through another adventure?

Oh, and hold on to your fucking hats. There will be blood and plenty of it!

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Written and illustrated by Tony Millionaire, Danny Hellman, Roger Langridge, Kyle Baker, Evan Dorkin, Hunt Emerson, Farel Dalrymple, Dylan Horrocks, Eddie Campbell, Dave Cooper, Harvey Pekar, Dean Haspiel, James Kochalka, Tom Hart, Leela Corman, Gilbert Hernandez, Peter Bagge, Derek Kirk Kim, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, Kurt Wolfgang, Brian Ralph, Scott Morse, Ben Dunn, Andi Watson, Bob Fingerman, Paul Grist, Carol Lay, Craig Thompson and Ivan Brunetti
Cover by Jaime Hernandez

Where else could the world's greatest alternative cartoonists run rampant through the DC Universe in an all-new anthology of utterly unhinged stories and art? It could only happen in the BIZARRO WORLD!

The Power of Positive Batman

On sale Feb 2, 2005
200 pg, FC, $29.95 US
This big slab o' comics features work by many of the fantastic creators who worked on the BIZARRO COMICS book (and made it an award-winner)! This time the contributors weaving strange and wonderful tales about the quirky Bizarro include Tony Millionaire, Kyle Baker, Evan Dorkin, Dylan Horrocks, Harvey Pekar, James Kochalka, Peter Bagge, Scott Morse, Ben Dunn and a host of others (including John Kerschbaum), along with some double-secret surprise guests! All this, topped off with a cover by Jaime Hernandez! It's big! It's indisputably rectangular! It stays
crunchy even after you pour on the milk!

Read a bit of "The Superlatives!"

4C wrap-around cover by
Paul Hornschemeier
288 4C & 2C pages
6" x 9" perfect bound
$19.95 US funds
ISBN 0-9721794-8-8
Shipping in February 2005
by various and published by AdHouse Books

What could possibly be cooler than space & robots? How about SUPER HEROES? Or should I say PROJECT: SUPERIOR. (Legal disclaimer: Say "SUPERIOR" out loud, it kind of sounds like superhero!) Chris Pitzer has decided to re-visit the "project" anthology and has challenged some of his favorite indy comics and alternative artist creators to work within this theme.See below for a full list of contributors! Ships in February of 2005.

Contributors include Nick Abadzis, Graham Annable, Tim Biskup, Jeffrey Brown, J. Chris Campbell, Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Ronnie del Carmen, Victor Cayro, Martin Cendreda, Tony Consiglio, J. W. Cotter, Farel Dalrymple, Mike Dawson, Doug Fraser, Paul Hornschemeier, James Jean, R. Kikuo Johnson, Nathan Jurevicius, Dean Haspiel, Seonna Hong, John Kerschbaum, Daniel Krall, Jason Lex, John Luca, Jim Mahfood, Brian Maruca, Tara McPherson, Scott Morse, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Onsmith, Chris Pitzer, Paul Pope, Joel Priddy, Ragnar, Paul Rivoche, Jim Rugg, Jay Ryan, Fermin Solis, Zack Soto, Jeremy Tankard, Jamie Tanner, Rob Ullman, Megan Whitmarsh and Brian Wood.

The Comics Journal 2004 Special Edition showcases four generations of cartoonists -namely JULES FEIFFER, ART SPIEGELMAN, CHRIS WARE, and the late AL HIRSCHFELD. Plus essays and features on a broad range of topics, never-before-published comic strips by JACK DAVIS and a tribute to the late BILL MAULDIN. The comics section, boasts work from today's finest cartoonists (and John Kerschbaum) on the topic of "The Shock of Recognition" whatever that is!
See a preview of John Kerschbaum's contribution, (c. 1965).

For a quick peek at "Old Glory" by J. Kerschbaum, click here.
The Comics Journal 2003 Special spotlights William Stout's work with a beautiful cover, painted especially for this volume, as well as an interview with the artist. Essays include: Donald Phelps on Lynda Barry and Tom Spurgeon on Tom Hart, plus a tribute to James Thurber. And this time the comics section features a 21-pun salute to Patriotism with work by Joe Sacco, Kim Deitch, Bill Griffith, Phoebe Gloeckner, Johnny Ryan, Jack Jackson, Sam Henderson, Rick Geary and many others, including John Kerschbaum!

  John Kerschbaum couldn't carry a cartoon in a bucket, and his two-page contribution to this special edition of The Comics Journal is the undeniable proof. Luckily, there are 178 additional pages showcasing some of the world's most talented cartoonists musing on all matters musical, an interview with Jim Woodring and features on B. Kliban, Jack Kent's King Aroo, Louis Trondheim
and much, much more!
Take a small sneak peek at "Cartoonist Anonymous" by J. Kerschbaum.

Take a small sneak peek at "Cartoonist Anonymous" by J. Kerschbaum.
This special, 156-page, softcover "coffee table" edition of The Comics Journal is filled to the brim with essays, cartoon portfolios and comics about "the biz" by some of the world's greatest cartoonists, plus a two-page comic denying any involvement by John Kerschbaum.

The 2001 SPX/EXPO anthology is a must have. It's 372 pages, packed with great comics by some of today's most talented cartoonists, all for $7.95 – with proceeds going to benefit the CBLDF. A great book and a worthy cause.
Read a three page sampling of An Untitled Story About an Apple Tree

LOW JINX 3 The Big Rip Off
Read a preview of The Chap in the Cap by John Kerschbaum
Kurt Wolfgang strong-armed a bunch of cartoonists into swiping the styles and/or characters of other (more-talented) cartoonists in order to do unspeakable things with them. Witness the results in LOW JINX 3 The Big Rip Off from Noefiepub.

The Comics Journal's MAD Magazine tribute issue (#225) features a Kelly Freas cover, interviews with Al Jaffee, Jack Davis and Al Feldstein, and a back-page fold-in you can check out here.
View the fold-in.

Get your quick Petey & Pussy fix!
If you missed the 2-page Petey & Pussy story in issue #20 of Box Office Poison, you can read it here. If you're not familiar with BOP, you owe it to yourself to get the new Top Shelf compilation from Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Alex Robinson.

Only in Bizarro World would today's most popular alternative cartoonists and John Kerschbaum get a chance to put their spin on Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC Universe. Stranger things, in fact, have not happened.
This am not a link to a detail of John Kerschbaum's two-page spread.

WIND The Bries Anthology
This five-page story about the wind really blows!
You need to look very carefully at this five-page story about a guy who thinks he can fly in WIND, a critically-acclaimed anthology published by Bries. Contact them at bries@ping.be

Grandpa waxes (among other things) nostalgic about the Great American Spooge Shortage in Dirty Stories #2. This bawdy little beauty is published by Fantagraphics. It's recommended for mature readers.
Read some dirty, dirty stories!
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